🚀 Increase Your Productivity With Dynamic Routine 🏃

If you work from home like me, you know it can often lead you to ⌛ procrastination. Because of unexpected disruptions, you might often end up not doing the things you planned. As frustrating as it may seem to be, there is an easy way to overcome this. I call it “Dynamic Routine”.

👉 Working from home 🏠 does not necessarily require a planned routine; but having a Dynamic Routine helps you get things done.

So, what is Dynamic Routine?

It’s similar to your Regular-Routines, but instead of putting a timestamp on every task, just leave it blank.

📅 Under “Today”, write your most important 5 tasks; Do the first task when you’re ready to work, then take a little break.

1️⃣ Do some physical tasks you need to take care of, like complete an exercise goal or go for a grocery run or do the laundry, etc.

2️⃣ Now take a look at your tasks, pick the hardest task first. Because after some physical activity you are now tuned-up and will be capable of doing your computer-related-work-task.

🔁 The trick to making your routine go as planned is to do some physical activity between every work-related task.

With this Dynamic Routine, you will always be able to complete your tasks. In my case I pick the tasks by convenience or by a random choice for sometimes. I’m no health expert, but I’ll say this; Don’t ever skip 😋 breakfast or lunch to complete a task; It never helps.




Freelance Full Stack Designer

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Narendra Ram

Narendra Ram

Freelance Full Stack Designer

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