💰 Make Passive Income From Freelancing

If you are not familiar with the topic, imagine you have built a house and listed it for rental use; So, as an owner you earn money from this property. This is called passive income.

As a 🧑‍💻 freelancer, you work for clients and earn money to pay your bills; we call this active income. When you don’t work or take a vacation or a break, your income suddenly stops. Of course, you might have some savings that help you for a short time; But what if you need a long time vacation, Here’s where passive income can help you.

So, how to make passive income?

  • Design Icons or Illustrations
  • Design Figma / Adobe templates
  • Design UI Kits
  • Develop Frontend Templates
  • Launch Web Apps / Marketing Tools / Developer Tools
  • Write your ebook
  • Make video tutorials

These are some most common ways among tech freelancers to make passive income. There are a lot of platforms to sell your 🖼️ digital goods, before you create something; visit some of the seller platforms and understand how things work in each platform. Because some platforms charge more commission fees, some have particular rules regarding file submissions; It is better to get some perspective before you make something.

You need to have patience, because this takes quite some time before you gain 🛤️ traction. Once you do, you will be unstoppable 🤑.

Freelance Full Stack Designer