Understand the difference between UX, UI, Frontend, & Graphic Design jobs.

The job that covers both UX/UI design part and building the design in code(also known as front-end development) is known as 🤯 Full Stack Design. People who do UX/UI design and code their design in the front-end are Full Stack Designers.

Before the term “Full Stack Design,” these people were also known by titles such as web designers, digital product designers, or just designers.

Designers identify themselves with many titles. 👉 Let’s see what those are.

UI Designer — One who designs only the UI part in design software such as Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch. These people do not focus on the user experience.

UX/UI Designer — One who focuses on user experience design and user interface design. These people do user experience research(conduct interviews, surveys) and design (paper sketches, wireframes, and prototyping).

Graphic Designer — One who works on logos, photography, illustrations, icons, and typography.

🤔 To understand the job role more clearly, take a look at the definition of these titles below.

Who is a UI Designer?

Focuses on information architecture — such as how elements are arranged on a page, why they are there, and how clearly that is all communicated to the user.

Who is a UX Designer?

Focuses on the holistic experience, identifying a problem, what it will take to solve it, iterating & refining user flows, and the overall user’s journey to a delightful experience.

Who is a Graphic Designer?

Decides how things are going to look; they make icons, choose colors, patterns, and font pairings.

Here are some 😕 confusing titles (old) still used by many people who do the same jobs as above: Visual Designer, Digital Designer, Logo Designer, App Designer, Front-end Designer.

Product Designer — One who does not work on digital product design. It is not the same as a UX/UI Designer.




Freelance Full Stack Designer

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Narendra Ram

Freelance Full Stack Designer

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